Target Asteroids!

Target Asteroids! is an opportunity for amateur astronomers to participate in a long-term citizen science project that will contribute to basic scientific understanding of near-Earth objects (NEOs).



Target Asteroids


Amateur astronomer observers compile information about asteroids. These observations directly support NASA’s OSIRIS-REx asteroid sample return mission and aid future mission designers and scientists.

Citizen scientists' astrometry and photometry data enable scientists to refine orbits, test models of the dynamical evolution and determine the composition of these objects.

Peter Lake with his 0.5 meter F4.5 Planewave telescope located in Mayhill, New Mexico.  It is available to Target Asteroids! members as iT11 on the - Minor Planet Observatory code H06."

Target Asteroids!



The OSIRIS-REx mission education and public outreach programs rely on strong partnerships to expand efforts. Partners in Target Asteroids! include:

  • Association of Lunar & Planetary Observers
  • Astronomical League
  • Catalina Sky Survey
  • International Astronomical Search Collaboration
  • Mt. Lemmon SkyCenter
  • NASA Night Sky Network
  • Oceanside Photo & Telescope
  • Sierra Stars Observatory Network